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Pineapple Ice E Liquid Shortfill 3500mg 100ml

Pineapple Ice E Liquid Shortfill 3500mg 100ml

Introducing the tantalizing Pineapple Ice E Liquid Shortfill. If you’re seeking an e-liquid that allows you to indulge in the vibrant and juicy taste of pineapple with every puff, you’ve discovered a tropical paradise in a bottle. Pineapple Ice E-Liquid captures the essence of this tropical fruit, offering a refreshing and exhilarating vaping experience.


Vibrant Pineapple Flavour: Pineapple Ice E Liquid Shortfill is all about delivering a vibrant and authentic pineapple flavor. From the first inhale to the last exhale, you’ll experience the unmistakable taste of this tropical fruit. It’s like taking a bite of a perfectly ripened pineapple, with its juicy and sweet characteristics.

Ice-Cool Refreshment: What sets this e-liquid apart is the ice-cool refreshment it brings to your palate. The addition of an icy note provides a refreshing and invigorating twist to the pineapple flavor. It’s the perfect choice for vapers who appreciate a hint of coolness in their vape.

Shortfill Design: Pineapple Ice E Liquid Shortfill comes in a 100ml bottle with a 3500mg CBD concentration. This shortfill design offers a higher concentration of CBD, allowing you to customize your vaping experience according to your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CBD concentration in Pineapple Ice E-Liquid Shortfill?

Pineapple Ice E Liquid Shortfill contains a CBD concentration of 3500mg per 100ml bottle. This higher CBD concentration is designed to offer a more pronounced and satisfying CBD experience.

Is Pineapple Ice E-Liquid Shortfill suitable for all vape devices?

Yes, Pineapple Ice E-Liquid Shortfill is compatible with a wide range of vape devices. Whether you use a sub-ohm tank, a pod system, or any other vape equipment, you can enjoy the delightful taste of pineapple with this e-liquid.

How should I use Pineapple Ice E-Liquid Shortfill?

To use Pineapple Ice E-Liquid Shortfill, simply fill your vape tank with the desired amount, depending on your CBD and flavor preferences. We recommend starting with a moderate amount and adjusting according to your taste. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific vape device.



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