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Mango Ice by Haze CBD 3500mg-100ml 3500mg-100ml

Mango Ice by Haze CBD 3500mg-100ml 3500mg-100ml

Mango by Haze CBD is a 3500mg-100ml Shortfill that provides a tantalising combination of quality CBD and the unique aroma of Alphonso mangoes. Dive into a realm of absolute enjoyment as each puff reveals the rich, sun-kissed flavours of perfectly pulped ripe mangoes.


3500mg CBD Strength: Each draw delivers the benefits of high-quality CBD, providing relaxation and well-being.

A substantial 100ml volume: Guarantees long-lasting enjoyment without the need for repeated refills.

Mango & Ice Blend: Savour the tropical richness of Alphonso mangoes, perfectly balanced by a refreshing ice finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Mango Ice by Haze CBD?
Haze CBD’s Mango  vape is filled with the rich, natural flavours of Alphonso mangoes and a chilling ice experience.

How much CBD is there in it?
Each 100ml Shortfill bottle has 3500mg of CBD, making it a delicious and efficient way to consume CBD.

What should I do with Mango Ice?
It’s easy! Simply fill your vape device with the wonderful mango and ice flavours. Inhale and appreciate CBD’s relaxing benefits.


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