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Lemon Ice by Haze CBD 3500mg-100ml 3500mg-100ml

Lemon Ice by Haze CBD 3500mg-100ml 3500mg-100ml

Indulge in the enticing world of Lemon by Haze CBD, a 3500mg-100ml Shortfill that completely transforms the vape experience. This CBD-infused e-liquid is expertly crafted to combine the zesty charm of freshly picked Alphonso lemons and the exhilarating feeling of ice, resulting in a cold, refreshing masterpiece that tantalises your taste senses.


High-Potency CBD: With a strong 3500mg of CBD per puff, each puff promotes relaxation and well-being by providing a soothing and relaxing impact.

Fresh Alphonso Lemons: We picked the best Alphonso lemons and pulped them to perfection to ensure a real citrus explosion with every inhalation.

Icy Refreshment: The ice infusion delivers a cooling feeling, making Lemon an ideal companion on hot summer days or whenever you need a revitalising vape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Lemon Ice CBD Shortfill by Haze?
Lemon by Haze CBD is a 3500mg-100ml Shortfill e-liquid that masterfully combines Alphonso lemons with ice in every vape.

How does CBD help me?
CBD is well-known for its ability to enhance relaxation and general well-being. Lemon Ice provides a high-potency CBD dosage in a tasty flavour.

Is this product appropriate for beginners?
While Lemon Ice is appropriate for beginners, we recommend beginning with a lower dosage and gradually increasing it to get the advantages.

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