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Haze CBD Shot 1000mg 10ml

Haze CBD Shot 1000mg 10ml

Take your vape experience to the next level with our Haze CBD Shot 1000mg 10ml, a game changer in the world of CBD-infused vaping products. This shot is your entry to a harmonic mix of flavour and health support, designed for individuals looking for a smooth and simple method to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD.


Optimal CBD Strength: With a whopping 1000mg of CBD in each 10ml shot, you can customise your dosage to ensure you get exactly the perfect amount of CBD with each vape.

It’s never been easier to include CBD in your E-liquid: Haze CBD Shot combines seamlessly with your favourite vaping concoction, keeping your favourite flavours while increasing your well-being journey.

Flavorful Harmony: Our CBD shot not only provides the potential benefits of CBD, but it also adds a layer of flavour to your E-liquid, producing a flavorful fusion that improves your vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Haze CBD Shot 1000mg should you take?
Begin with a small quantity and gradually increase as needed. Individual reactions to CBD may differ.

Can I combine this with any flavour of E-liquid?
Yes, Haze CBD Shot 1000mg is intended to be adaptable and compatible with a broad variety of E-liquid flavours.

How long does a regular 10ml injection last?
The duration is determined by your usage frequency. It can endure for multiple vaping sessions on average.


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